Prerequisites for Installation

After ensuring that your target machine meets the hardware- and software requirements, the following prerequisites must be met also.


NODE_ENV variable

Make sure that the NODE_ENV variable is set to production


Connection String

Immuto uses a connection string to connect to MongoDB. The standard format of a connection string looks like this:


Firewall Configuration

Make sure that your firewall allows the following communication:

  • Depending on your setup, the Immuto listening port, by default port 3000
    • Decide first whether you want Immuto to be available from the world wide web, or only within your local network
    • If you want Immuto to be available worldwide, we advise the use of a VPN. Otherwise, Immuto will be reachable by anyone. This is a security risk.
  • Immuto can reach the following URL's
    • https traffic towards *
    • https traffic towards *

SSL Certificate

We advise to only access Immuto over https. In order to establish a secure connection a valid SSL certificate will be required.

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