Concepts and Terminology


As a starting point for connecting Immuto with your data, sites are used. Every site has 1 database and some additional configuration to enhance the compatibility of Immuto with that site by automatically enabling/disabling certain features.

The term "sites" is technically wrong because basically any data can be managed. E.g. data from apps or just plain database data that is not connected to any medium.


You can think of Models as data models or tables within your database but it can be more than that. Every model you add to Immuto will be available as a page in the sidebar.

Models do not have to be unique. You can add the same data model twice, but with a different default filtering to make working with your data more comprehensive.




Charts are displayed on the dashboard of the site.


Users which can access Immuto. 


Every user must have one or more roles. Immuto comes with a few default roles but new roles can be added as well. The role definition works based on features. Meaning, you can toggle features on/off per role.

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