Manage your Payment method

Add a payment method

You can add a payment method by logging in to your account on and navigate to Subscription.

Here you can see your already existing payment methods. If you do not have any payment method yet it will just show a (+) icon. 

Click on the (+) icon to start with adding a payment method. You can choose to add a 'direct debit card' or a 'creditcard'. 

Add a Direct debit card

Select the direct debit option in the 'add payment method' pop-up.

  • Add the name of your account. 
  • Add the account number (e.g. IBAN NL00BANK0000000000)
  • Add the BIC. This is the identifier of your bank. For instance for Rabobank or ABN AMRO bank these are RABONL2U or ABNANL2A.  If you don't know the BIC of your bank, you can simply look it up at BIC Search
  • Confirm the payment method addition by clicking the 'Add payment method' button'. 
  • The payment method will now show up in your control panel under 'Payment method'. 

Add a Credit card

  • Select the credit card option in the 'add payment method' pop-up.
  • We will ask you to verify the credit card through a small confirmation payment. 
  • Click on 'Add Payment method'. 
  • You will be redirected to a page of your payment service provider
  • Add your cardnumber
  • Add the name of the cardholder
  • Add the expiration date
  • Add the CVV security code
  • Confirm the payment. You might be prompted by your bank to confirm the credit card verification payment. 
  • The payment method will now show up in your control panel under 'Payment method'. 
  • You can then select a plan and select the payment method you have added. You can add multiple payment methods. 

Remove a payment method

If you have multiple payment methods you can remove a payment method by clicking the (-) icon on the subscription page. You need to have atleast one active payment method to facilitate the license payment. If you want to change the payment method then take the steps above to add a payment method. 

In order to cancel your subscription you can simply select 'cancel plan' on the plan you currently have activated. 

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