Manage your subscription

Choose your Subscription

If you want to choose a subscription plan you can do this through the pricing page where you will be guided to choose your plan and buy it. 

You can also first create an account by clicking 'Get started'. You just need to add the e-mail adres you want to use for your administrator and a password. You can add your organization details in order for us to get to know each other. The more complete your registration, the easier for us to help you. 

When you are logged into the control panel navigate to 'Subscription'. 

If you don't have a subscription yet you will see a message 'You do not have an active subscription. Choose a plan to continue using this service.''

When you choose your plan you will get a prompt for a payment method. You can also do this before you choose your subscription. Detailed steps can be found in 'Manage payment method'. 

Once you have completed the payment wizard your plan will be purchased. You will get an e-mail confirmation on your plan details. You will also see in the Subscription page which plan you have choosen and when your renewal is due. 

Upgrade your Subscription

You can upgrade your plan by login in to your account on and navigate to Subscription

In the Subscription screen you can view your current plan. This plan has a checkmark and will state 'cancel plan'. You do not need to cancel your plan in order to upgrade your plan. When you want to change your plan you can simply click on 'Change plan'. 

When you select a new plan you will get a prompt to confirm your payment method. This screen also shows the selected plan and when the date will be effective. When you click on 'start subscription'. In the control panel on the subscription page you will get a confirmation and see your new active plan. We will also send you an e-mail on the plan change. 

You can both upgrade or downgrade your plan. Choose the plan that will best suit your needs. 

Cancel your subscription

If you want to change your plan then see 'upgrade your subscription'. If you really want to cancel your subscription you can simply do this by going to your current plan and click on 'cancel plan'. We will send you a confirmation e-mail on your plan change and the end date of your subscription. Lost the e-mail? No worries. The Subscription page will show a banner with the end date, untill the end date has been reached. You can delete your account or you can keep it active to easily add a new plan to your account when you want to start using Immuto again. 


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